Yusra Tours was set up by the husband and wife team of Dr Fazel and Zakeeya Mookadam, who are
specialists in the field of Hajj and Umra but can tailor make any package to any destination globally.

We can procure 5 star packages at unbelievable rates, with excellent all round service including the
selection of variable hotels, locations, sight seeing arrangements at prices to please. Having travelled
extensively worldwide, we bring our own personal experience into the preparation of an ideal, cost
effective, yet comfortable package to even the most discerning traveller with a guarantee of total
satisfaction and an overwhelmingly pleased spouse and children in the case of family and group

In the field of Hajj and Umra our principles are clear:

Our mission, Inshallah, is to make Hajj and Umrah affordable to a wider spectrum of persons
regardless of heritage or financial standing. The intent is to service a wider spectrum without
compromising on service, care or quality.

Haj is a once in a lifetime experience and we will endeavour to make it an unforgettable
and sublime experience.

With over 14 years of experience in the field of Haj and Umrah, we have invested time and
effort in ensuring that our staff are well trained in public relations and hence our focus is a
'one on one' hands on approach. Our staff are committed and dedicated with a vast collective
years of experience.

We, at Yusra Tours have refined the "Best Value for Money packages". All you have to do is take
advantage of this opportunity that we, by the will and mercy of The Almighty, afford you.

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